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Herein you will discover many images of South Australian wildlife, with much of my work coming from the Murraylands Morgan area. My particular interest in arachnids led to self publishing a book on Australian scorpions in 2008 that covered husbandry and general biology. I also established 'the Spiral Burrow' web site, the most informative site available on Australian scorpions, which is now gradually transferring to this new site.

My interest in spiders has taken me down the road of identification under the microscope using species specific characters otherwise not available to the naked eye - this opens up a whole new world, as so many species simply go unidentified or lumped into similar looking known species. Where possible I do my best to identify species of invertebrates via published research and correspondence with experts. This is necessary as I want to feel confident about species identification, otherwise only using images for matching is largely guesswork and can potentially lead to the propagation of misinformation. With reptiles and birds identification is generally a far simpler process as these groups are very well studied and documented, with far fewer species.

Please feel free to use any of my images for the purpose of non-profit education, I just ask that you include a link to this web site for every image. Any questions please contact me: 

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Thanks for looking and enjoy the site. Mark Newton

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