Salt Lakes - Northern South Australia

Meat ants are a group of similar, well known and ecologically dominant ants in

the genus Iridomyrmex. Most are aggressive (I. lividus is often an exception) and are

pretty well known by most Australians, as they will invade the BBQ, the back

verandah, and you, if you happen to stand on their nest. Some species clear a large

area of ground and will have many entrance holes with tracks going off into various

directions surrounding the nest. As this species group is so ecologically dominant,

some ants via Batesian mimicry have come to resemble them. It is also thought that

some of these spiders may prey on the ant model they mimic using not only a

similar resemblance to keep them safe from predators but also to produce chemicals

the ants recognise allowing the spider into or very near to the nest.

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